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Critical Illness

The insurance policy for critical illness is developed to focus on lumps-sum payment option as the diagnosis is made. The illnesses covered under this policy include, Heart Attack, Brain Tumor, Cancer, Stroke etc. A lot of critical illness insurance policies also cover accidental injury that inflicts disability and causes discontinuation of work.

Trauma of Critical Illness: A diagnosis of critical illness is enough traumatic for the sufferer. Life, suddenly appears to be moving at a faster pace. Your whole world seems crashing down and your doctor may suggest you an altered lifestyle (like, avoiding stress, getting more exercise, changing job, etc). The costs only increase and so does the stress. In such situation, critical illness insurance may bring some relief for you.

Tips for the Critical Illness Policy:

  • You should check the terms of policy and see which critical illness conditions are covered.
  • Double check whether the policy covers permanent total disability or not. In addition to this, you must also check through the definition of permanent total disability as indicated by the company policy.
  • Critical illness policy is not life insurance. So, if you want both, you should go for a combined insurance policy.
  • You may also want to check children's coverage, if that is relevant to your case.

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