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Business Health Cash Plans

A healthy and productive workforce is the prime asset of any organization, and extra step should be taken towards keeping the staff healthy and happy. As you may be aware most common cause of absenteeism from work is due to every day medical issues like for example back problems, which can lead to time off work. In this scenario, a company paid health cash plan would cover the alternative medicine required for example for the back condition. DataHealth offers affordable solutions for businesses and companies of all sizes to support their employees for a range of health care cash benefits.

We can provide flexible diverse range of health cash plans for business and organizations. These health insurance plans are designed with great value in mind, as they are not that expensive compared to company and corporate private medical insurance. This way you can choose an affordable alternative health care solution for your organization or employees. These health cash plans are well designed to fit into the needs of most companies.

These cash plans, though highly beneficial are quite simplified in processing, and are designed to cover every day healthcare needs. For example, from dental check-ups and optical prescription glasses to complementary therapies and counselling help lines, not mentioning cash benefits for in-patient hospital stay.