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    A Complex Aspect of Private Medical Insurance Explained

    Private medical insurance or PMI provides access to private healthcare facilities and offers significant advantages in terms of time (faster treatment), quality of care, convenience and comfort. However, you would be wrong to assume that you would be covered for everything if you have private medical insurance. Here is a look at the finer details […]

    Winning Your Trust – Private Medical Insurance is Important

    Private Medical Insurance or PMI is increasingly gaining importance in the UK as it helps an individual get access to timely and superior healthcare without waiting for too long to be able to get treated. The main benefit of resorting to the private health sector in the UK is not necessarily the quality of treatment, […]

    Know About the UK National Health Service

    All the four constituent countries of United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have publicly funded healthcare systems. The terms ‘National Health Service’ and ‘NHS’ are used to refer to the four systems collectively.

    Can Currently Insured Company Schemes Switch to a Different Provider?

    Health insurance companies offer competitive pricing, and in some cases better cover to business organisations making them rethink about their existing alliance with an insurer. Companies find it beneficial to switch to a competitor insurance provider due to reduced premiums and improved levels of cover. Insurers agree sometimes to cover pre-existing conditions. Here are some […]

    Need Health Insurance Quotes?

    Health insurance policies are complex in nature. With so many health insurance providers to choose from, one is spoilt for choice when purchasing insurance. Too many options often leave one confused. It is thus vital to get comprehensive quotes for similar covers from insurance providers. It is easy to benchmark shortlisted policies with best quotes. […]

    Checklist for Buying Personal UK Medical Insurance

    Personal Medical Insurance (PMI) can help you avoid the long wait times and other caveats associated with the NHS. While PMI policies do not cover everything NHS does, you will have access to timely and superior healthcare in many situations. If you are considering the option for PMI, you should be aware of all the […]

    Flexible and Affordable Company Health Insurance Plans

    As a business owner, your ability to attract and retain talent hinges on a number of factors. You need to be able to provide a supportive and constructive work environment and meaningful and fulfilling job duties. Employees also look for options and choice for healthcare, treatments, specialists and hospitals though their work insurance. Whether you […]

    Individual Health Insurance: Compare Prices & Save Money

    If you are a resident of UK, owning a private or individual health insurance may seem to be a luxury. Nowadays, people also have more choices to make the correct purchase with the advent of price comparison websites. Nevertheless, Individual private health insurance (PMI) can be a life saver, quite literally. However, there are instances […]