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Sports Private Health Insurance

For a true sportsman, the word SPORTS goes much beyond the literal connotation. We understand that a sport is a passion, a way of living and thus an illness or injury caused by any such sport can be a real setback for the person who truly breathes sports. DataHealth ensures that in such a situation, your medical needs are perfectly met allowing you to focus solely on getting back to the game. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, the insurance schemes are tailored to suit your sports insurance needs. At DataHealth, we ensure that the policies are comprehensively designed to offer you the maximum coverage, yet the process stays simplified enough to proffer you a hassle free and smooth experience.

The sports private health insurance policies are aimed at covering acute medical conditions and injuries associated with your professional or amateur sports as the need arises. You can be a player, a coach or simply an organizer.

The various covers being offered are exclusively for sports people and professionals in terms of services and benefits. As mentioned earlier, the sports health insurance is for the amateur and the professional sports enthusiasts to be covered for accidents during the game, practice or training.

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