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Sports Club Private Health Insurance

Whether you are a professional or amateur sports person we can source a policy that meets your clubs needs.

Sports Health Insurance Plans

The good thing about sports health insurances are that some are especially designed and underwritten for sports people and clubs and therefore they provide you with optimum coverage and benefits. A wide range of private hospitals are usually covered under these plans. If required, the plans can be easily upgraded or down graded at renewal depending on your needs at the time. The sports health insurance plan includes coverage for sports related injuries and other health related conditions, pre and post private consultations, tests and scans. The plans also include optimum coverage for cancer, radiotherapy, chemotherapy coverage and cardiovascular conditions.

Apart from coverage, another important aspect of the sports private health insurance plans is that it offers you the best medical facility, where you can get exceptional treatment for your ailments in a private hospital near you.

Most private hospitals are well equipped with contemporary medical equipments, highly experienced and professional doctors and impressive services.

Apart from the general treatment due to a sports injury or accident, you have the benefit of selecting hospitals where special treatment or medical facilities are provided for major ailment or injuries that call for specialised doctors and services.