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    Company Medical Insurance Information

    Company private medical insurance (PMI) provides you with peace of mind.  If any of your staff became ill, they would have prompt access to treatment at a hospital of their choice with the surgeon or specialists of their choice in a private room.  As your staff won’t have to wait for treatment on any NHS waiting lists, they’ll be able to return to work quicker, saving your company money including any temp replacement costs.

    Company private medical insurance benefits both your company and your staff.  Here are a few of the benefits:

    Benefits to Your Company: Benefits to Your staff:
    • Peace of mind
    • Prompt treatment – no NHS waiting lists.
    • Less staff sick days & associated costs
    • Choice of specialists or surgeons to carry out treatment
    • Helps staff retention rate
    • Access to private, comfortable rooms with a private phone and internet connection
    • Helps attract quality staff
    • Access to a wide choice of hospitals

    How Can We Help Your Company?

    As a specialist medical insurance broker, we can search through a range of different health insurance policies to find the right one for your company.  Whether you have a specific budget in mind, or specific cover required, we can help.  With some providers, you can offer different levels of cover to different levels of staff within your company.  Once you take out a policy through us, we’ll also check that the policy is still right for your company needs before each renewal date.

    Why Choose Datahealth Consultancy Ltd? 

    As an independent medical insurance broker, we specialise in sourcing the right medical insurance for both individuals and companies alike.  With access to policies from a range of different insurance companies, we can offer advice to all of our clients on the best policy for them.  In fact, this is what makes us stand out: the level of Personal Service we provide to our Clients.  We are also directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

    Is There a Charge for our service? 

    No.  Our service to you is completely free of charge as we receive a fee from the insurer directly.  This in no way affects your policy premiums – in some cases, we even have access to discounted rates.