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    Private Health Insurance-The Basics

    The NHS is there for everyone in the UK. Apart from being kept in the NHS waiting lists, the hygiene levels in some NHS hospitals are low and this leads to people getting infected by the superbugs. It is for these reasons and more that people are turning to private health insurance.

    The point of having private health insurance is to have access to prompt treatment. Depending on the level of cover, the insurance company will pay for your hospital operations and out-patient consultations.

    There are numerous advantages that are associated with private health insurance. Just to mention but a few; health insurance will cover your treatment in the private hospitals. You will get to see a consultant at your convenience and you will have your own private room with TV.

    Before you apply for a private health insurance policy, you should be sure that you choose a plan that is most beneficial to you and most appropriate. It is always a good idea to shop around and by contacting a health insurance broker they can help you with this as it will save you time and money.