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    Private Health and Medical Insurance – Its Coverage and Benefits

    Private health insurance is meant for the treatment of so-called acute conditions, which are short-term health conditions that require immediate treatment and respond to treatment and result in a complete recovery for the patient.

    The conditions actually covered by a private health insurance policy vary according to the policy, but they usually exclude chronic conditions such as long-term illnesses requiring regular or constant care. Private health insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions in most cases. The level of coverage offered under these policies also differs according to the particular policy.

    The benefits of private health care insurance are first and foremost the access provided to private medical care. This ensures:

    • Rapid access to treatment without weeks of waiting on an NHS list before receiving care
    • Choice of scheduling for treatments so they can be timed to fit your personal needs
    • Choice of medical hospitals and consultants that treats you
    • Access to a higher standard of medical facility, which offers private rooms and other premium services in case you need hospitalization

    Selecting the right private health insurance policy can be difficult, but we at DataHealth are committed to finding the right balance of coverage and cost for your unique circumstances. We will search and compare the market place for private health insurance companies in our role as your independent specialist broker and ensure you receive an affordable premium.