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    DataHealth Consultancy Redesigns and Gives a New Look to their website offering Private Health Insurance Advice

    Surrey, UK, October, 2015: DataHealth Consultancy, a major name for business medical insurance, has redesigned their website in new colours and theme as per feedback to offer attractive and easy access. The new design features simple colour combinations of white, blue and purple and a cascade format as used by wiki and other popular news and entertainment websites, along with direct links to web based information and navigation links at the bottom. The UK based independent health insurance expert firm that offers valuable advice “FREE OF CHARGE” to their clients is known to save their organisations’ considerable time and money by acquiring quotes from different private medical insurance companies. As with their earlier modus operandi, they survey the organisations needs to offer their clients the best advice specifically for their needs. Clients have recommended them to others on a regular basis in their online feedbacks. DataHealth receives commission directly from the health insurance companies and without affecting client premiums as in most cases they negotiate discounts for their corporate and company clients and reduce premiums.


    The company prides itself on the fact that employees can quickly get medical care through the leading insurance providers they recommend. Even if you are currently insured, DataHealth will help you find the best cover at the least price. It is definitely worth speaking to DataHealth as there are multiple benefits of having health insurance for your employees as it will help to attract and retains quality candidates. The benefits offered by these schemes are that they get you instant medical treatment for acute medical conditions at a time and place that is convenient for you or your employees. Take a look at their redesigned and improved website here – www.datahealth.co.uk