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    Where to Get the Best Business Health Cash Plans

    What is a Business Health Cash Plan?

    Healthcare cash plans are a kind of insurance policy that help pay for everyday healthcare expenses. They are different from standard private health insurance.

    Business health cash plans are meant for employers who want to provide their employees a simple and affordable way to claim money spent on routine healthcare treatments like dental treatment (including a hygienist), eye tests, physiotherapy, cash when in hospital and more. These work particularly well for employers who are constantly looking for ways to reward and retain staff since they truly care about the well-being of their employees. The premium is paid for by the employer, and the great thing about these cash plans are that they are a lot cheaper than private health insurance.

    One has to pay a monthly premium depending on the level of cover required. Payment to the service provider (dentist, physiotherapist, etc.) has to be made upfront and receipts sent to the insurer for reimbursement of the expenditure.

    How it Works

    The employer or the employees, depending on the type of plan, pay a monthly premium towards routine healthcare treatments. The employees can later claim money towards the cost of check-ups and treatments, up to their annual limit. Employees pay for healthcare appointments as usual and later send the insurer receipts along with a claim form. Claims are usually reimbursed within a few days.

    Benefits to Your Business

    • Improves employee attendance as employees are able to attend to routine health issues
    • Healthy employees lead to increased productivity
    • Able to demonstrate care towards your employees
    • Less expensive as compared to a full-fledged private medical insurance (PMI)

    Where to Get the Best Business Health Cash Plans

    • Comparison websites are a good place to start exploring business health cash plans – find plans that meet your requirements and fit your budget
    • Take specialist advice by contacting a health insurance  broker for more options and better deals

    Some companies sell directly to customers. It is always advisable to check the company website for latest information, details and plans that are not available on other sales channels.