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    Need Health Insurance Quotes?

    Health insurance policies are complex in nature. With so many health insurance providers to choose from, one is spoilt for choice when purchasing insurance. Too many options often leave one confused. It is thus vital to get comprehensive quotes for similar covers from insurance providers. It is easy to benchmark shortlisted policies with best quotes. This facilitates easy comparison and aids in zeroing in on a suitable cover for individual and family needs.

    Several aspects of health insurance have to be considered when checking health insurance quotes. Some important ones are briefly mentioned below.

    What Does the Policy Cover – Limitations and Exclusions

    Standard health insurance policies cover essential treatments like surgeries, nursing and hospital care, and consultations. Private medical insurance (PMI) does not replace all NHS services – for instance, accident and emergency treatments are not covered. PMI also excludes treatment for drug addiction and incurable conditions.

    Cost of Health Insurance

    The cost of health insurance depends on several factors such as one’s age, state of health and smoking status. Premiums increase annually to keep pace with rising medical costs and also because risk of illness increases with age. Discounts are available on some policies if annual premium is paid up front.

    No-Claims Discounts

    No-claims bonus is offered if one does not file a claim in a policy year. This way insurance companies reward policyholders for staying in good health. However, one should not delay seeking medical advice and treatment to avail such discounts.

    In-Patient vs. Outpatient Treatment

    Most policies cover costs of in-patient treatment (tests and surgery) and day-care surgery. Cover for outpatient treatment (diagnostic tests, scans, physiotherapy and consultations) varies considerably and is usually available under comprehensive to mid-range policies.

    Ways to get health insurance quotes:

    • Comparison websites are a good way to start getting quotes for health insurance policies based on individual requirements and budget
    • PMI brokers offer specialist advice and help get additional quotes
    • Some companies sell directly to customers. It is best to contact shortlisted companies directly for detailed quotes

    It is extremely important to read the fine print and understand key features of health insurance policies before purchasing one from the shortlisted player.