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Private Medical Insurance

When you go for private medical insurance, you can have treatment in a private hospital and within a private ward. In addition to this, these medical facilities are available for urgent need and you can have them at a time to suit you. Private medical insurance saves you from long waiting lists.

What does it covers?

The cost of surgery, accommodation, medical specialists, nursing bills x-rays, etc , all comes in the expense of Private Medical Insurance. Other facilities, such as accommodation and TV are also provided.
You get two primary choices when applying to this insurance type; first is to give a detailed account of your medical history in writing and the second way is to apply a ‘moratorium’. W ith a moratorium scheme, you do not have to provide detailed medical information, however, pre-existing conditions within (usually) the last 5 years of the commencement date of the policy are not covered under the plan, unless you have been symptom or treatment free for a period of generally 2 years.