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    Why Look Around for Health Insurance?

    As far as health insurance is concerned, we all have different needs. You ought to look around when applying for health insurance policy. Are you wondering “why”? Here are few reasons:

    Postcode Lottery by NHS: NHS medical facilities face a great variation all around UK. There are some hospitals that works nicely around their waiting lists but many are working below the mark.

    Verify what it covers: If you prefer a particular private hospital, then, make sure that your medical policy covers that. Remember, that premiums vary greatly depending on the hospital and location and level of cover.

    Policy customization: With some policies as they are menu driven you can modify the plan according to your needs and budget. These days, the insurance companies have various options and choices available for their customers!

    Cut down your premiums: If you go for an ‘excess’, you can reduce the premium greatly depending on the amount of the excess. There is another option ‘six week option’, (i.e. if hospital in-patient or day-patient treatment is not available within 6 weeks under NHS you can then go private immediately – this option does not apply to the out-patient).

    Go through the small print! Take time to read each and every detail of the policy before you actually go for that policy. If the policies appear unsatisfactory, you should look for other companies or options.